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Claire at Cookthink posted a great tip a while ago — how to re-grow your scallions.  I must confess that both Don and I were skeptical; it couldn’t possibly be that easy!  We go through scallions like nobody’s business around here.  They go in salads, mashed potatoes, pad thai (mmmm pad thai), and get sprinkled […]

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Boy, I suck at this whole regular posting thing.  In my defense, an awful lot of exciting things are happening at my house right now.  But I know, it’s no real excuse.  Fortunately for you, I’ve got a place you can go where somebody IS posting regularly — it’s my mom’s new food blog, Perpetual […]

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I must be doing something right with this food photography experiment — my pot roast ingredients are today’s Daily Food Porn on Slashfood!