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We go through a lot of eggs around here. Every so often, when I’m going through the grocery checkout with my ‘buy one get one free’ set of 18-packs of eggs, I feel a little awkward. The cashier probably assumes I’m feeding a big family, but I know that it’s just the two of us. […]

Summer is definitely the best season for lazy cooks. So long as they’re lazy cooks who like produce, anyway. And guess who fits into that category? Yeah. Don’s mother’s tomatoes were dinner a couple of nights ago, in the form of this fast and simple bruschetta. A few minutes of chopping beats standing over the […]

There are certain members of my family who, when presented with a turgid, glistening pork tenderloin resting moist in its taut plastic, will be unable to refrain from making extremely pornographic genitalia jokes. Okay, I’m one of them.  It’s pretty hard to resist, what can I say?  It doesn’t help that butchers — those pervs […]

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If you’ve never had tapas before, you should make an effort to try it.  It’s kind of like eating an entire meal of appetizers — which, as we all know, are the best part of the meal anyway.  Our favorite tapas restaurant at the moment is Jaleo, in Crystal City, VA (there’s another location in […]

We didn’t do anything particularly special for Valentine’s day. If we weren’t so busy, we might have gone out for a nice dinner over the weekend or something, but that just didn’t work out this year. Don got me my favorite peach roses, which the cat has been happily snacking on when we’re not looking, […]