About CSE:

Cook Shoot Eat is a blog about learning how to make better food and take really good pictures of it.

About us:

Jamaila is a writer who lives in Baltimore, Maryland in a house undergoing major renovations. She likes science fiction and fantasy, gorgonzola cheese, expensive jewelry, really fresh produce, good nature photography, Seattle, baking, her mom, hardwood floors, and the color brown. She doesn’t like salmon.

Don is Jamaila’s fiance. It was his idea to buy the house. He is afraid of gazebos and four poster beds, and can’t eat broccoli. He likes World of Warcraft, movies with explosions, building things, taking things apart, and playing with money.

Kirra is the cat. She likes mousies, staring out the window, and spaghetti sauce.


2 Responses to “about”

  1. Have a nice day !

  2. The heat has hit town and frankly, it’s way too hot to cook. So…don’t!

    Instead, check out this month’s Sizzling Chefs of Eddie’s competition at Eddie’s of Roland Park. Every week at their Charles Street store, two chefs will face off with a prepared dish from their own special recipes. They’ll be offered in the Gourmet to Go department, and you can try something different for dinner without having to make it yourself.

    Eddie’s will also be sampling the two dishes each Friday in August at the Charles Street store from 3-6 PM. Best of all, you can vote for your favorite and just by filling out a ballot, you could win a $25 Eddie’s gift certificate!

    Let Eddie’s chefs do the sizzling, while you stay cool and enjoy a great meal with no fuss. Works for me!

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