Claire at Cookthink posted a great tip a while ago — how to re-grow your scallions.  I must confess that both Don and I were skeptical; it couldn’t possibly be that easy!  We go through scallions like nobody’s business around here.  They go in salads, mashed potatoes, pad thai (mmmm pad thai), and get sprinkled over all sorts of things.  And I am forever bemoaning the fact that the one thing I need to make a recipe I’d like to try is scallions, and we’ve just run out, or I haven’t been to the store yet, or blah blah blah.  So this whole “having scallions always available on your windowsill” notion certainly appealed.  But I didn’t really think it would work.  I rummaged in the cabinets until I found one of Don’s grandmother’s beautiful glasses, uncovered during the renovation, and stuck my most recent bunch of scallion ends in some water in it as I used them.  And would you believe it, it really works?  And fast, too!  There was noticeable new growth on the scallions as early as the very next day.  Awesome!  Time for some pad thai.

Oh, and PS — I apologize for not posting recently, but I had a pretty good reason.  I’ll be back to posting again soon; my jewelry business will be at a local convention over Thanksgiving weekend and there’s a lot of work to do to get ready first!


2 Responses to “genius”

  1. 1 Mike

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  2. 2 janny

    hi there just wondering if you wouldn’t mind shooting an email to me (Janny). Just had a quick question. Many thanks and love the food/photos!

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