We headed up to New Jersey this weekend to visit family and get a little relaxation time in.  While we were there, we got the chance to visit Gauchos in Westfield, a tiny little Brazilian barbeque restaurant.  And I mean really tiny.  The six of us filled up the biggest table in the place, and there were only maybe ten other tables.  But the food was fantastic!  The men at the table elected to order the rodizio, which is basically all-you-can-eat meat.  The cook comes out with meat on a giant skewer and slides it down onto your plate, then disappears back into the kitchen only to reappear with another kind of meat on another imposing skewer, dripping barbeque-y goodness.  This goes on for as long as you can stand it — they only stop coming when you insist that you’re full.

There was sausage, flap steak, sirloin cap, chicken wrapped in bacon, pork wrapped in bacon, and a few other things I can’t remember.  Each meat could also be ordered individually as an entree (which is what the ladies at the table chose to do — I had the sirloin cap and it was fantastic).  Any way you order, the whole deal comes with fried yucca, french fries, fried polenta (which Don fell in love with after previously insisting that he didn’t eat polenta when I wanted to make it last month), black or red beans, rice, and the salad bar, which was small but excellent.  The sheer volume of food was exhausting!  But I still ordered the flan for dessert.  Who can pass up good flan?

*Bonus points if you’re not my mother or sister and can identify the movie the title of this post references. 


5 Responses to “mmmmeat!”

  1. 1 KarenM

    I want to know how many skewers Don ate. This had to be a Don heaven of a restaurant. I have a great polenta recipe I’ll send you. Maybe I’ll even make it tonight.

  2. Well….. the ladies at the table may have ordered delicately, but this gal kept sneaking bites from the boys and ended up eating more than anyone else! Ate there for lunch today and thought of you guys. We’ll have to go back next time y’all visit. You forgot to mention the passion fruit cake (totally awsome!)…..happy eating. F

  3. ooops…sorry about the typo. I meant AWESOME.

  4. the big lebowski?

  5. 5 jamaila

    Nope! Not nearly so well-known. 🙂

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