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I never thought I’d be the kind of person who reads cookbooks.  Reads them for pleasure, I mean, not for recipe-gathering.  I’ve always been a fiction sort of person – anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a huge science fiction and fantasy fan (space opera is one of my secret vices).  But lately I’ve found myself actually sitting down and reading cookbooks.  I picked up Stonewall Kitchens’ Harvest book at a deep discount due to a banged-up cover – what do I care?  It’s a cookbook, it’s going to have things spilled on it almost immediately – and sat down to read the whole thing through earlier this week. 1328_alt1.jpg

It’s the kind of cookbook I love – replete with inspiring food photography, simple recipes, and lots of narrative, in the form of both educational information about food (all about lettuce!) as well as my favorite things to read, the stories behind recipes.  I love to read about where someone first had a dish, or whose grandmother brought timeless family recipes over from the old country, or the inspiring trip somebody took to an organic farm.  It all appeals to my love of story.

I liked Harvest so much that I went out and bought a copy for my mom, who is eagerly awaiting it in the mail.  I’d love to hear recommendations from you readers about more cookbooks I might like to read, books that aren’t just a list of recipes, but that celebrate food and food writing just as much as they teach recipes.


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