new macro lenses


My new macro lenses have finally arrived! I’ve been haunting the mailbox since I ordered them last week. I got a Bower digital macro kit, which basically has a +1 lens, a +2 lens, and a +4 lens, plus a cute little case to put them in and a spare lens cap. I ordered it off eBay — I have pretty good luck finding decent camera stuff there — for about 25 bucks including shipping. Not too shabby. The lenses are double-threaded, so you can both stack them and add other filters (which I still need to get). I played around with them a little this morning:

These are some pendants I’m working on for Anapurna, acrylic disks backed with decorative paper. They’re not done — they still need to be drilled and finished up — but they were a good test subject! They’re just sitting on a piece of paper (the same one I worked on them on, which is why you can see little knife cuts in the foreground!) on my work table in front of a window. The window in question is currently covered in clear plastic tarp for our renovation, so it provided some surprisingly good even, indirect light.

Just for kicks, I pulled the picture into Photoshop and adjusted the white balance, since I hadn’t exactly set up a custom setting on the camera for a quick shot of the table. The end result came out pretty nice for something totally spontaneous:

I’m looking forward to taking some food pictures with these new lenses!


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